this takes ten minutes to do: cut tomatoes and put them in a pot with some water and a bouillon fish cube (or veggie cube), put the heat on so it starts to boil. Then crack a couple of eggs into a small bowl and stir them until they are clear. Now; drip small amounts of the egg blend into the boiling water - they will stiffen into egg lumps (lumps that the chinese call egg flowers). The last thing you do is adding rice noodles into the soup with some chili pepper and wait until they are soft. You can also put some vinegar on it before you eat it, but not too much. :) 

EDIT: my friend Xin told me I should have fried the tomatoes in some oil first to make the colour of the soup more red, which is more typical for chinese ramen. Next time :)

The Husking of No. 13
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The Husking of No. 13』 - 【Ashikubi

Original - NapoliP ft. IA


Last Note. uploaded Izayoi Seeing onto YouTube!

Official NND Upload


just found this in my sketchbook (I think I drew it like three days ago maybe?) and then I thought that I haven’t stopped drawing Natsume since I fell in love with the series. He’ll always be one of my favorite male characters.


some people will never understand my haikyuu otp ;_____;

A3 print for overload nz


a memory remembered again and again


Kuro is sooooo cooool


HAIKYUU AWAKENING!! drawings I did for the haikyuu/fire emblem crossover prompts for hq69min and fe69min on twitter— lol

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今夜旅立とう by 純桃

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#free_69min: ghibli! i worked really hard on these puns okay

Good evening. This is Sphinx Number 1. Because of your interference, today’s press conference has been cancelled. This was set to be broadcast automatically if the press conference got cancelled. It’s the last message. That being the case, the last bomb is an atomic bomb. The bomb will automatically detonate at 10 p.m. No one can stop it now. Well then, people of Japan.. Goodbye.

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I really didn’t want to do this but it’s time— T_T;; I don’t want to reveal any super-intricate personal info but long story short: I don’t have the sufficient funds to get what I really need: a parking permit and books (and food… and gas LOL).. So any help would be GREATLY appreciated…!! Even a signal boost makes me happy heheheheh.

I also have a store: ONEFIFTYCM@STORENVY!!! ^_ ^ 

But anyway, if you are interested please send an email to: or just send me an ask yeah!! THANK you for even just glancing at this <3

PS: I also do full bodies but IT DEPENDS so if you’d like more info just send me a message.

Re:alize Tour ありがとうございました by  

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